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Anthony A. Harsant

Louisa M. Martinelli

Mary E. Harsant

Magdalene Martinelli

Beatrice Sandiford

Kathleen A. Martinelli

Frederick F. Sandiford

Francis F. Sandiford

Charles A. V. Martinelli

Rosabella Harsant

Bernard Martinelli

Frederick F. Harsant

Peter M. J. Martinelli

Edward E. Harsant

Charles L. Harsant

Dennis G. Harsant

Rosabella A. Martinelli

Eileen N. Martinelli

Charles D. Martinelli

Joseph M. Martinelli

William P. Martinelli

Joseph A. Harsant

Frederick Martinelli

Margaret Martinelli

Alfred and Elizabeth are also the
Great Great Grandparents of at least 62, Great Great Grandchildren listed are 51 of them

Jill L. Oskolkoff

Ann Harsant

Ben F. Adams

Anne M. Janulewicz

Charles A. Martinelli

Theresa A. Jammaer

Suzanne C. Martinelli

Catherine Martinelli

Richard J. Janulewicz

Terrance P. Knight

Michael J. Knight

David F. Nuttall

Robert Jensen

Geoffrey C. Knight

Frances Martinelli

David Harsant

Valerie S. Deeks

Claire Martinelli

Teresa M. Edwards

Louise Martinell

Anthony C. Nuttall

Peter J. Nuttall

Lynda B. Martinelli

Margaret L Martinelli

Adele E. Webb

Geoffrey Harsant

Lorraine Harsant

Nicholas Harsant

Valerie V. Dove

Serge Harsant

Jill Harsant

Pamela M. Cuthill

Anne E. Martinelli

Elizabeth A. Martinelli

Joanne B. Martinelli

Pauline Mary Knight

Susan M. Martinelli

Michael A. Janulewicz

Theresa Martinelli

Peter B. Martinelli

Andrew Martinelli

Michael Martinelli

Paul B. Nuttall

Stephen J. Martinelli

Alexander Martinelli

Martin W. Bacon

Francis J. Bacon

Veronica Sandiford

Paul Sandiford

Mary A. Ward

Helen E. Schlebusch

Alfred and Elizabeth are the Great Great Great Grandparents of :-
At Least 109, Great Great Great Grandchildren --- 91 are listed

Belinda A. Philley

Claydon Harsant

Andrew J. Schlebusch

Brenda Oskolkoff

Charlotte Martinelli

Leslie Oskolkoff

Christine Price

Samuel J. Nuttall

David A. Nuttall

Alice K. Janulewicz

Maria Robinson

Frances Van Ruth

Helen Feasey

James Robert Todd

Gina M. Martinelli

Joseph J. Boyd

James W. Cuthill

Adam Fenton

Kevin Martinelli

David Feasey

Joanne Harsant

Wayne Dove

Grant Dove

James Schlebusch

Karen A. Knight

Deborah Price

Mary Price

Hazel A. Knight

Kate E. Nuttall

Alan Price

Zoe C. Nuttall

Suzanne L. Philley

Kevin Knight

Darryl Van Vugt

Alexander Jensen

Nicola J. Martinelli

Laura L. Philley

Sarah Watkins

Allison Jane Knight

Philip Jensen

Lloyd A. Todd

Gregory Van Vugt

Paul Van Ruth

Theresa Van Ruth

Matthew I. Kiely

Mark Robinson

Christopher M. Kiely

Claire L. Nuttall

Matthew R. Deeks

Peter Martinelli

Andrew M. Cuthill

Gillian L. Bacon

Michelle Y. Nuttall

Helen Martinelli

Steven J. Knight

Daniel Fenton

Nadine Harsant

John L Bacon

Adam Harsant

Bradley Harsant

Natalie Harsant

Rebecca Wenham

Annette S. Martinelli

Allison Hayes

Nicholas Janulewicz

Matthew S. Knight

Jacqueline Knight

Rachel H. Nuttall

Paige Harsant

Julia Cazorla

Gemma L. Webb

Shayden A. Ward

Paul Alan Clift

Andrew P. Knight

James O. Nuttall

Jacob D. Nuttall

Paul M. Nuttall

David A. Knight

Jessica L. Nuttall

Nicholas J. Webb

Philip A. Edwards

Neil M. Martinelli

Kevin Hayes

James Wenham

Sarah E. Edwards

Timothy W. Deeks

Wendy Bacon

Richard F. Bacon

Simon W. Edwards

Jane E. Deeks

Benjamin Travers

If you are on this list
Or if you think you should be on this list then please email -